Friday, September 25, 2009


I am SO rich, so richly blessed. This week honestly has had too many high points to share, but two of the greatest were Wednesday and Thursday nights.
Our church service Wednesday night, Destiny, was destined to be the most incredible church experience I have ever had --- and that's saying a lot. We'll leave it at watching God work in and through lives in such a miraculously evident way is both humbling and encouraging -- and then just when you thought it was "over", He displayed His splendor even more. It was more than I can say....and so many people who were there can say this, too.
And then Thursday night --- it was a surprise party for a precious friend whom I've always regarded so highly, and though that changed just a little bit last night (just kidding), it was the most fun I've had out in I-don't-know-how-long!!! Pictures will surface soon -- as one of the invited guests just happened to also be a professional photographer -- I am sure my precious friend will "edit" them before posting though (you'd be amazed how much CLEAN fun can be had by some WILD Baptist women!!) :)
So, I conclude that I am RICH before I ever make it home from the party --- and then I get home and discover I am RICHER than I ever imagined.....Did you ever have a friend that you sit back years later and think :"Really, are we really HERE in our friendship?" --- friends that five years ago you barely knew that now you are so close to they enrich and bless your life in innumerable ways......
I am a women blessed to have MANY of those kinds of friends --- I don't know how and I don't know why, I just know that it's more than I could have ever dreamed or imagined life to be......Thank you precious Heavenly Father, Thank you :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Entering the Blog world

So, a good friend of mine who recently started homeschooling her son suggested that while Yancey Jr. writes in a journal each day, he could also learn to type and start a blog! So today he started, check it out at!! Of course right now I am doing the typing.....but typing lessons will start soon enough --- is my child really going to enter the world of cyberspace, more importantly am I old enough to have a child old enough to enter cyberspace??? Goodness, where did the time go?
So God has been showing me A LOT lately about my tongue and my words, so I have asked a good friend to keep me accountable and to pray James 3 over me this week. I must admit that I am often discouraged by the middle of the day because I have stopped walking in the Spirit and have given over completely to the flesh and lost my temper. But I am determined that though the enemy may put pressure on that weak spot in my fence (thank you Beth Moore for the great analogy), I will Stand Firm and reinforce my fence every possible minute.
Okay, it's snack time, it's Arthur time, and it's time to start picking up, even if it doesn't last two and a half hours til Daddy comes home, I will have made the cleaning effort, and even with a sinus headache.....Aye, this storm front is INSANE, and it looks like there's more to come.....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to School, and a host of other facts

Yep, even for those of us in the homeschool world, there is such a thing as "Back to School" -- though I try to take advantage of full-shelves instead of ransacked aisles, this year there was no avoiding the Back To School rush. In recent years we have started our new school year about two weeks behind the previous one -- if you think it's hard to get your "out-of-home-schooled" child back into the routine of school, just imagine what it's like for those of us who have classrooms in our home!!! Oy! But this year there was a little kink in that plan called "momma having surgery" -- so we started school only one week before everyone else.
And we changed curriculums this year!!! So the first few weeks had both Yancey Jr and I wondering "what have we done???!!" -- but we are finally in a good groove and used to it and loving it. It is very different, and actually more hands-on that what we had been doing, but we are both enjoying the time we are spending together reading. And to steal a brilliant idea from a friend, when it comes time for him to start his new journal, we're going to write in a journal AND learn to type on a blog!!! So that would be spelling, grammar, typing, creative writing, computer skills --- talk about killing more than one bird with a stone!!! But you should be in prayer for both of us, because my keyboard hardly has any letters left on it -- I've used it for work and play for over three years and most of the main keys (asdfjkl;) are completely black!!!
As for John Brady and Nancy Claire -- they've started "school" as well. It's a little different than I had anticipated, but we're working the kinks out and hey, it's preschool/kindergarten, we can be flexible. I am happy to say, though, that BOTH of them can write their names!!! Well, here's where I regret doing the double name thing -- John Brady can write JOHN and Nancy Claire can write NANCY -- an accomplishment nonetheless!!
And John Brady's therapy is a once-per-week thing now -- he actually has Speech and Occupational Therapy combined and there are two other boys in a group setting. So far it seems to be working out pretty well -- it's amazing what they will and won't do socially sometimes; and an added benefit for me is that I am able to sit and visi with one of the other moms for an extended period of time with only two children (Yancey Jr and Nancy Claire) interrupting occasionally!
As for Yancey, he's still hard at work -- well, he says he is, but from what my facebook friends tell me, he likes to poke jabs at me every now and again since I am not there to defend myself. I have taken a "facebook break" for a number of reasons and only log on occasionally to answer messages in the inbox.
As for me, and since it's all about ME - HA - I have made a few changes lately -- definitely some things I put a great deal of prayer into for quite some time, and obedience can often be painful. But as my precious 9 year old told me -- "If God's making you give up something you love so much, He obviously has something GREAT just around the corner, Mom" -- kind of made me feel like a baby for crying all day.....but He obviously has a new chapter for me. Right now I just have to WAIT to see what it is.......
So, we're still playing the WAITING game in several areas at the Nolan household...

Monday, August 10, 2009


And now, the rest of the story --- Long story short enough for a blog, we've been in the midst of some MAJOR red tape courtesy of state funded healthcare (need I say too much more?) trying to get new braces for John Brady. Since our approval May 1st, we headed to Methodist Rehab on May 22nd to be re-evaluated and then casted since his toes were going over the edge. (May 22nd was an evaluation and June 8th they actually casted him). On the 22nd they said that they (Methodist) would begin the approval process with Medicaid, send in the casts and call us when they were ready.
And so we waited.....and waited.....and called -- They had faxed the forms more than three times and no reply from the state. Then, we found out that they had assigned us a primary care physician - someone other than our current pediatrician -- and that we would need to be seen and evaluated by him and a new order written. Or, the more inconvenient step but nevertheless the one we chose was to ask our current pediatrician to accept us as Medicaid patients, send the appropriate records to the state, then write the order for the braces and start the process all over again. One problem, our pediatrician was out of the country until August 10th (today's date).
So, assuming he would be extremely busy catching up today, i decided I'd wait a day or two before calling to get this ball rolling.........and then, the mailman came.
He delivered a letter to John Brady -- one from the state that said that the request for orthotics on May 22nd had been APPROVED!!! I literally screamed when I opened it -- seriously, we weren't going to have to deal with all the red-tape just to get a new set of braces he desperately needs -- his toes hang so far off we have to put on shoes that are way too big just so he can wear them and have some stability -- it's really pitiful.
So, I picked up the phone to call and share the news with my husband -- woo hoo, was he ever surprised and blessed and happy.
Then I called Methodist to say - finally got the approval letter, can i get an appointment to start the whole process over? Their response: "Actually, Mrs. Nolan, we were just waiting on the approval. His new braces are here and can you come for a fitting Wednesday morning?"
No more red tape,
no more evaluations,
no more casting
----well, for at least a few months :)
So, Wednesday morning we head over to pick up his new braces -- I can't even remember what pattern he picked out this time.
How's that for an Amazing God and a little lagniappe to go on top!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

So Much To Say

and not able to say it all.......
But, the One who knows, knows.
And I am praying that He shows us exactly what it is He wants us to do ---- and since I am not very patient, that He does it quickly ;) But I guess I have been patient, considering. At any rate, I will continue to wait upon the Lord. He is always at work, even when we think perhaps our prayers are just about waiting, He is working so I have no doubt He's been working it all out for a long time.
Vague enough??
I've had so much time to think and read and pray and ponder and read and sit....ooh it's driving me crazy, yet satisfying something at the same time. But since I am not a "rester" it's been hard to just be still.....God is always moving us, even when we don't know where we're going or maybe even why -- He is always at work and that I can trust. And I am excited, knowing that something I have felt for so long may actually happen, that's exciting and scary all at the same time.
On another note, today is the first time I've been home alone with the kids since the hysterectomy -- I could have said that Friday but I actually had a friend come and she spent some time over here that day so I wasn't really alone. But today, it's just me --- and there have been a few rough moments, but as we wait for the Speech Therapist to arrive, right now it seems peaceful around here!!! Dare I say the "Q" word???? Well, as "q" as it gets over here....
So if you're reading, just say a prayer for our family today, tomorrow, in the next weeks or months, as long as it takes for God to clearly show us what He wants us to do.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Looking On The Bright Side

Well, we're back from "vacation" -- of course I had two back to back so I should be completely refreshed, right? My attitude should be impeccable and my spirit patient......well, after my first trip maybe. I spent four wonderful days with a friend who had moved away to Georgia seven years ago - a complete and total break and it just couldn't have been better!

And last Tuesday we left to go to my mom's summer spot in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. The trip down was SO much better than I expected -- John Brady was a complete angel on the way down there -- it was the youngest (NC) and the oldest (YJr) who were harder to deal with: one asking if we were there yet every 5-10 minutes literally (NC) and the other trying to hold us to a specific time that we'd be in certain cities (YJr) --- and then we got caught on a bridge with a big wreck and that delayed our trip for another hour......but thanks to in-car DVD players and "new" movies rented from the library, they were distracted and entertained for the most part.

And on the even brighter side: At one point on the trip John Brady said: I need a chewy tube, or I'm gonna have to grind my teeth or bite something!!!

Why is this a "bright side" -- because he could communicate his need and how it was going to make him act. This is a HUGE bright side!!! :)

So, we arrived at the actual beach with about an hour or so left of sunlight and there was a beautiful sandbar and cousins they don't see very often, so the kids played and played and didn't notice how oogy the sand made them feel. And this was the situation for almost half the day on Wednesday. Then John Brady realized that the sun was bright, his skin was burning and this sand stuff is for the birds!!! Actually, all three kids were tired of it and thankfully enjoyed themselves and one another just lying around watching The Disney Channel, Animal Planet and some supervised Nickelodeon!!!

A few times we had to make them come down to the beach and on another bright side: We had some crackers for snacks down there one day and my mom offered John Brady a few; his reply: I can't because I will want to throw them at the birds and I shouldn't do that.

So, again he recognized something he really wanted to do and that it might get him into some trouble!!!

On another bright side - the boys got along SOOOO well!!! Perhaps they were mesmerized by shows they don't get to watch at home since we don't have cable, or toys that I had secretly packed away for them that they discovered only every once in a while......but whatever it was, it was wonderful!!!

There's so much more I could share, but for now, I need to ice a birthday cake for a GREAT friend who turns 40 today!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So uncharacteristically I spent a few days completely in bed - no TV in my room so usually when I am sick i stay on the couch to watch tv in between catnaps but this time I was bedridden, totally. 28 straight hours only taking trips to the bathroom and unfortunately those were frequent - don't worry no more information will be shared in that department.
And finally last night I began to feel ALIVE again! I had a moderate meal and finally started feeling more myself than I had since Saturday night.
And it's amazing the things that go un-done when mom is sick. Don't get me wrong - I have the most incredible husband who takes care of A LOT, whether I am sick or well - but there are some things that only "momma" does. So today there was a lot of lap time - my kiddos love to sit in my lap and I hate to admit I seldom take the time to just soak that in. For days Nancy Claire has been asking what time I would be better so she could sit in my lap, so this morning she was thrilled to have some lap time, then a bath with mom completely "beauty shopping" her hair (that means it gets washed, conditioned, detangled, and brushed). And thanks to her daddy and Mimi she had some new "clothes" to wear today!
This is rambling - and I did begin with a point.....
ALIVE - that's it
So now that I feel ALIVE again I have been thinking about what being ALIVE means as a Christian - Scriptures fill my mind with "new creation" themes and of course I Corinthians 15:22 : So as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made ALIVE.
the thought of my life without Christ is really just thoughts of death - none of that death matters, just the ALIVE in CHRIST - He's the God of second chances!!! (And many many more chances in my case ;))
My life before = Death
My life after = ALIVE
And doesn't that word ALIVE just bring excitement to your heart?
Last week I lost someone that I won't say I was close to by any means, but they were related and I doubt their salvation - and it hit me as I was talking to a friend, they began their eternity and that consolation we have when we lose someone we love but we have assurance of their salvation, that they are now healed and with Jesus, well when we don't have that assurance or when we full-on know they weren't saved, the realization that their eternity in hell began - that's DEATH - but not an it's over kind of death, an ongoing, painful, separated from God and everyting you've ever loved kind of death. That thought alone has sparked a fire in me that I had been praying for - a heart for the lost. Don't think I haven't cared before, I genuinely have - but now there is this passion for others to not have that terrible pain and separation.
to be ALIVE to share ALIVE to live ALIVE